Debit Cards

Debit cards are a fast, easy, and convenient way to access your Southern Bank of Tennessee accounts.  With your Southern Bank of Tennessee VISA debit card, there is no need to write checks or carry around cash.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If you've misplaced your debit card, you can use our Mobile Banking App to turn your Debit Card "Off and On."  You can also use the App and Online Banking to report the card Lost or Stolen.  These features protect your money from being stolen should your debit card fall into the wrong hands.  

Mobile App

Within the app, press the 3 Line Menu Drop Down button in the top left corner, then press “Preferences”, then press “Manage Cards.”  You'll then select which debit card you’d like to control.  On the next screen, you’re given two options.  Suspend Card or Report Lost or Stolen. 

"Suspend Card" allows you to turn your card On and Off. 

  • Click Suspend Card to turn Off, and confirm the Suspension on the next screen
  • To turn your card back On, repeat the steps above, but click "Activate"

"Report Lost or Stolen" will deactivate the card and you’ll have to be issued a new one. 

  • Once you confirm Lost or Stolen, it cannot be cancelled.  
  • You'll then need to call your local Southern Bank office to arrange getting a new card issued. 

Online Banking

Once you're logged into online banking, click “Options,” then “ATM/Debit Card.”  Then, check the “Lost/Stolen” box next to your Card Number and click “Submit.”  You cannot turn your card "On and Off" through Online Banking.  Once you confirm "Lost/Stolen," it cannot be cancelled.  Afterwards, you'll then need to call your local Southern Bank office to arrange getting a new card issued.  

After business hours, you can call 1-888-297-3416 to report your card lost or stolen, however, you must have enough information for the Hot Card Center to be able to identify your card.  Be sure to check your account transaction history and notify the bank immediately of any compromise.

Activate your New Debit Card

In order to activate your new debit card, you simply need to conduct a PIN based transaction using the PIN you created at account opening.  This transaction can be conducted anywhere that requests your PIN in order to complete the transaction.  If you can’t remember your PIN, please contact the bank and we can have a PIN reminder mailed to you.

ATM Service

Each Southern Bank of Tennessee Checking Account offers up to $25 in ATM fee reimbursement per statement cycle.

International Purchases on Your Debit Card

Your debit card is capable of conducting international transactions; however, due to an increase in suspicious activity regarding foreign debit card transactions, we recommend you take certain precautions before traveling.

  • Please notify the bank prior to traveling and using your debit card internationally.  This will help avoid interruptions in your debit card capabilities because of suspicious activity flags.
  • Consider using other forms of payment, such as cash, traveler’s checks, and/or credit cards

Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Fraud

Our debit card provider has a Fraud Management Team which monitors our customers' accounts to assess any suspicious activity.  Occasionally, you may receive an email, text or call regarding your account activity.  This is a protective measure in order to verify transactions on your account.  The Fraud Management Team will never ask you for your account number, debit card number, or PIN.  If you are contacted by the Fraud Management Team and still have questions about your account, please contact your Southern Bank of Tennessee banker for assistance.

Southern Bank of Tennessee advises all customers to be aware of suspicious emails which could be a potential phishing scam.  Typically the scammer posing as a financial institution or representative claims there are fraudulent transactions on your account and requests you to call a phone number or visit a website.  Do not click on any associated links from the email or respond with any sensitive information.  The Fraud Management Team emails will simply have a link to confirm that at least one transaction listed was fraudulent or that none of the transactions listed were fraudulent.  Should you receive any emails requesting sensitive information, contact your Southern Bank of Tennessee branch immediately.

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